How can i tell if my drivers are up to date?

Just like the title says how can i tell if the drivers for my motherboard are up to date. I just a fresh install because i was have an weird fatal error message sometimes when i would boot up. But it happened again after the fresh install. I want to try and figure out what the problem actually is. I was wondering if it might be the drivers. Ive tried to write down the error but the screen flashes to fast. Ive also tried getting the error another way but it was way over my head.

the best way if you do a fresh install just take your driver disk and install the lan driver, then go to the website of you mobo manufacturer and donwload the newest drivers on theire website.

but does your computer works well just after a fresh install without any drivers? if the bsod occurs after you installing drivers, there could some problem with them, but it could also be some other hardware related problems as well.