How can I stream video to "smart" tv and output 1:1 video?

I am recently reminded that widescreen doesn’t cleanly scale for 4:3 resolutions. While my vision at tv-viewing distance may never be able to interpret the distortion in any way whatsoever, possibly even at close range (I’d love to see some examples of interpolation with 4:3 movies play at 1080p fullscreen, if anyone has any), I’d rather avoid any possible distortion.

Streaming Star Trek to a widescreen display at fullscreen just feels wrong, it’s already forced into a low resolution, may as well not make it any worse.

I’d like to stream 480p content to a display in it’s native resolutiom, zoomed at 2x for 960p. 108-96 is 12, so a 60p bar doesm’t seem too unreasonable.

Can plex be set to display at native size, instead of the native res of the client display?

Of course I could do this with VLC in a short time, but then I’d have to run another pc, keyboard, and mouse, and setup plex on that, and the whole smart tv with remote seems so much simpler.

I think what you’re wanting is similar to integer scaling

Yep, that sounds right.

I’m very limited on storage and I only have one wifi usb adapter to use for my computers. There is one pc by the TV but I won’t be able to access any files if the other pc is offline. Also the older pc has a smaller 80gb drive wjich is just not quite enough for full set of ST NG.

A lot of work to me for something very basic. I’d love to just use the integer scaling if plex will allow it.

Or, I could move my full atx tower to the tv. It would work.

Too bad there isn’t a “pseudo integer scaling” mode when encoding that adds the black bars to the video file so it’ll scale on wide screens

Most DLNA streaming software supports transcoding with custom switches passed to ffmpeg, they may not be able to handle such arguments based on source resolution though.

I am against re-encoding as I think it will add or remove details. I wamt to leave these copies as they are.

Here’s what I’ve found:

VLC allows original and double size output.

The issue?

  1. The video playee window cannot be mathmaticakky centered on screen, or aligned by pixel resolution. So technically I could have the video window ser where pixels are not aligned with the physical LCD grid. Nullifying my efforts to show the video as intended.

  2. Full screen is fullscreen. That’s all you get. I guess I’m spoiled by mupen64 etc that allow 1280 x 960, with proper integer scaling in fullscreen. Shouldn’t be difficult for VLC team ro implement.

So, what opem source video players allow integer scaled video in fullscreen to properly pixel-align the video?

I’m also VERY interested in avoiding 2:3 or 3:2 pulldown at 60Hz. I have a TV that maybe supports 24Hz so I’d like to play with that too. First though I want to get the video aligned as the creators and camera crew intended.

OLED would solve this would it not? To me it’s like the digital version of CRT, with pulse-width-modulation flicker at 235Hz and all!

Update: at least, on Windows, in VLC if you choose windows GDI or something, in the advanced settings in


Then this works as it should. By default it IS blurring the image. This is a bad default for image / video clarity.