How can I remote into a Windows VM in Unraid?

How can I remote into a Windows VM in Unraid?

The VM has been created successfully (I think), but I’d rather not have to plug a monitor into my server to use it.

Any advice?


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  1. The VM has already been created successfully.

  2. I don’t speak German(?).

You need a local console/kvm, unraid seems to use vnc which works as a video output/picture like a gpu/monitor. Don’t do video card passthru at first.

Then you connect and have the ability to operate vm Win as locally, then you install any software to the remote desktop. RDP, vnc…

VMS > VM Logo > VNC Remote

Plug in the same way as when installing …

Start reading from “Now we have a VM ready to roll.

Thank you very much, I’ll check all that out

How did you install win in this vm? Didn’t you have a graphical installer?

Long story short, I’ve not gotten that far. Maybe ‘successful’ was jumping the gun.

If you haven’t performed a classic installation for Win then… unless it’s a dedicated iso that does the whole installation itself or a copy of an already installed system then…

Turns out that if you do GPU passthrough, you can’t use VNC. That was the issue, your articles were interesting and looking at them eventually led me to the answer, even if it wasn’t explicitly said. Thanks you for the help.


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But it’s important that it works :wink:

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