How can i make my PC better?

hey i am building a new computer so i can play all the new games coming out, and i was wondering if this was good enough for crysis 3 on 3084x1024 on max settings?

Save some money, switch your Hard drive for a Seagate Barracuda 2TB. Switch out the memory for something like Kingston or G.skill for 1/2 the price. Other than those, your rig looks awesome. I am unsure about it maxing out Crysis 3 since I don't own the game itself.

For that money ill throw you together a sweet build, but no it wont be enough for Crysis 3 at its Absolute max, only dual 7950's and up are capable of that at 1080p, its not too much of a difference from high with smaa though.

just some tweeks on the items you picked but you can do better you may what to consider sli for crysis 3 at that resolution

100$ Cheaper and definitley faster aswell, oh and i themed it Black/White just for fun! 


It'll certainly do it, but some of the stuff you've chosen is really overkill.

I prefer this one for going complete overkill with. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that I wanted to stuff it into an axpensive case and get your copy of Windows in there, it wouldn't be too much to ask for a second graphics card in this system. Drop the RAM down to 8GB, ditch the liquid cooling for some halfway decent air cooling and swap the case out for something around $100 then find a different free source of Windows 7 and you'll be set for getting that second Radeon HD 7970 without having to change your budget. But a single one ought to be able to handle it as long as you don't turn all the filters up to max. Those things kill GPUs.

Except that RAM is red and the motherboard has blue accents and the graphics card has blue PCB. So it is a little mix-matched. It will perform well enough, but it offends my stylistic sensibilities. I would probably have kept the RAM and gone faster with a different motherboard (since the Z77 platform has so many good motherboards, you can easily find a grey/black or red/black themed one) and the XFX series 7970. They are cheap, and they run well. And XFX also has good customer service.

Crossfire, not SLI. And that resolution shouldn't really be that horrible of a task for a properly clocked Radeon HD 7970, as long as the filters aren't cranked up.

Dammit didnt see that they Red, just grab the black version, the Mobo is mainly Grey/Black, with very light blue accents, wihich would blend well with the White in the build and if a White LED strip was used wouldnt even be noticable. 

The Gigabyte D3H/UDxH series boards have some of the Best power designs of all the Z77 motherboards and have a much more useful feature set aswell. 

The XFX coolers arent good and they are Voltage locked, the Gigabyte will OC as well as the Asus at a much lower price and just a bit more added noise. 

nope i said SLI i wasent implying useing a AMD chip for x2 cards

being as SLI seams to work better  than crossfire on AMD sistems