How can I make my HDD turn off when idle?

Hi all,


So there's an option in the power saving menu in Windows 7 where you can chose when the HDD will turn off when not in use for a set period of time, I tested it with 1 minute and it didn't work, any idea as to why?



If it's your primary drive or it has a pagefile the power settings option will not work.

I was going to say something smart , like use a ssd :) In fact, i was trying to remember when the last time i heard my hdd spin up?

Need lots of storage though..

It's my secondary that I might run in Raid 5 later on and page file is also off. Will having origin or steam or CPUID's hardware monitor on in the background cause any issues?

I guess it would depend on how your going to use it or set it up. My daily use stuff is on the ssd and bulk storage on the hdd.I use a 120 it has enough room for the os,maintenance tools and a couple games. I make a point of not keeping anything important on the same drive that windows is on. :) I like myself better than that.