How can I learn how to hack?

So I have been interested in computers for a while now and I just recently started getting interested in the idea of hacking and what I could do. From what I have read I know that having skills in html is helpful but I am not completely sure but if that is true then I know a little about html considering I'm going into advanced webpage design in highschool next semester. So other then that my real main question is what really is hacking, what types of hacking are there and what can they do. Also how can I learn how to hack, what can I read, what can I watch, what can i do to learn and what tools would I need? Thank you for taking your time to read this.

Hacking isn't malicious. I don't know if you want to get into malicious stuff, but that is considered cracking, not hacking.

Hacking is more of a philosophy, rather than a specific skill set. Efficiency, simplicity, and freedom.

Hacking is basically bypassing a firewall or some kind of security to make a server do whatever the hell you want it to. There's also "hacking" in videogames like aimbot and seeing through walls. you could also hack someone's xbox live account and get them banned but that's pretty advanced, most people that know how to do that are 10- years old.

I believe there are 2 types of cracking. 

1. Trying to figure out how the data is encrypted, for example Poland cracking the enigma code in WWII. Numberphile uploaded a video recently about it


2. Brute force the shit out of it

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Ok so how would one go about learning to "hack"? Is it something you can learn fast or is it a skill/hobby that takes time and practice? Also are there any good books to read or websites to look at?

Hacking has a lot of meanings in I.T and as far as breaking into things or exploiting stuff goes, you can't learn this skill alone, knowing how to do this comes from an understanding of how computers work, and usually fluency in a programming language like C or even assembly. Using hacking tools without knowing how they work tends to be frowned upon, even asking questions like "How to hack" can get you flamed on some forums.


Be a whitehat, almost nothing good comes from being a black hat.

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I think the "hacking = good cracking = bad " thing went out the window a long time ago. Hacking in the news and among the I.T. Security community most often refers to an attack on a website or server.

Cracking is often the act of breaking the security on something local like copy protection. 

But these are not absolutes, a Hack can often refer to a patch or temporary fix for something .

Are there any good websites or articles/books to read so that I could learn more and understand it more?

The meaning of hacking has changed a lot over the years.

But anyways, go watch Hak5, they're pretty interesting.  They're on YouTube as well their website is  They talk a lot about different things related to computers in general.

If you want to hack for malicious purpose dont bother, nothing good will come of it.

First learn how hackers work, this will improve your security mindset and help improve how you work.

2nd decide what area you want to learn in, it seems like you may want to do web exploits, so HTML, Java, SQL etc all come good :)

3rd, get your self a copy of Kali Linux, and build a lab using virtual box or VMWare, get a copy of Windows OSX and Linux and build a virtual network, learn how to exploit each OS. and also try installing Apache for web. 

Security Tube is a good place to see specific exploits running, do be careful when running exploits, disconnect from your internet and then restart before you even think of reconnecting.

Kali linux will give you every tool you will need, you have many abilities ranging from wireless cracking to DHCP starvation, MAC Address faking and many more. Also learn programming even if you stick to web its handy for personal reasons to have, such as your personal network gets hacked you can wireshark and see, btw learn wireshark!

Different types of areas exist, I personally like Wireless and Windows exploits, so i try to focus in them areas.

Books are a bit of a weird place for me, I dont really soak up the information like I do when I do it practically and watch it in action so I stick to securitytube, If you do plan to take the CEH exam get some networking and security qualifications first, you can then advise if need to, although that is normally team leaders job.

You MUST watch Hackers, the movie from 1995.

That will teach you the basics: how modern electronics work, advanced networking, etc.

If you are into really advanced stuff, I strongly recommend this Youtube channel: "protutorialsYT". Here´s a sample:

Check a channel know as hak5 on YouTube.

Also look into getting such tools as the WiFi pineapple  and maybe an arduino for hardware hacking



Hacking is just modify something ,turn a scooter into a jet ski is hacking

modify the source code of a program is hacking.

How to be a hacker ?

Just live like you are one ,understand how things works and take apart stuff mess with code and everything you can touch in your life .

There is hundreds of dozens of kind of hackers but there are 2 categories Black-hat and White-hat . In these 2 categories we have

the hardware hackers

the network hackers

the real life hackers


and a tons of others, just google it , it is that simple ...

 ( Internet was made by hackers (and army ), android was made by hackers , emulation was made by hackers, bit-coins was made by hackers , the web was made by hackers, linux was made by hackers, ...)

+1 mention for, really great site. Vivek is the shit.



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Please don't be a troll like that. This community is for, among many other things, uncensored and unbiased education. Posting that doesn't help with the question at hand.

well you'll never be a hacker to us, but you can use your pc skills to do crazy things and trick non computer people into thinking that you are one. just mess around with windows and you will learn some neat tricks. download a linux live cd and show people that you can steal their files even though they have the computer "locked with a password" and they will probably call you a hacker.


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