How can I keylog my own computer?

     So I want to be able to set up my own keylogger that works just for my own computer (I don't want to have to download anything) So I heard about a USB drive that would keylog for the PC it was put in, I have a USB drive I would be willing to modify, (I will also use other methods if those will work).

You can write some pretty simple keyloggers, using VB.NET, C++, C#, or anything. Under 50 lines of code, easily.

I was thinking the same thing, of key logging my computer. My problem is, I don't know almost anything about code, but I will be learning it later this year. 

Im also interested in this. If anyone knows a way i would appreciate it.

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Well you'll have to download SOMETHING to get what you want, weather it be a compiler or just a commercial keylogger. That being said, here are some options:

1) Commercial Keylogger. If you're not into coding and don't want to bother with learning it, you can still use a commercial keylogger. The one that always comes to mind for me is Ardamax, which has a complete GUI setup process making it extremely easy to set up.

2) Grab a source code off the internet. There are literally thousands of open source keyloggers that are ready to use. All you have to do is copy, Paste, and compile. After 10 seconds of searching, here is a fairly simple source code:

3) Code your own. Because the Rule of Three forever plagues me, I'll leave off by saying pick up a book or watch some youtube videos on coding. There probably won't be a "How to make a keylogger" video in a tutorial set, but it will give you the knowledge to design your own. Where this is by no means necessary for what you want, it's fun.

 If you need something explained in more detail (like the source code) feel free to inbox me.


Noob question BEWARE after i have copied the c# code what do i do? i have no previous knowledge

I'd say learn the basics of networking and once you've understand how the network works then you should be able to create your own if you wish to do so

download sys logger us the GUI interface build ur logger click creat sever (u don't need a sever for this ) then click on it and the key logger will email u saying u have infected this person then u are infected with a keylogger