How can I force youtube to continue to buffer when I hit pause

Title says it all. I used to use an extensions called smart video for youtube, but apparently that is now dead along with youtube center.

I have 150mb/s download and I can stream 4K on netflix and some other websites without any real issue, but youtube's stupid caching thing has made it difficult to watch 4K without a crap ton of stuttering.

Do you have things downloading in the background, like steam? because for me every time an update or I'm downloading a game, everything slows down not just for me, everyone whose on the internet

Nope. No downloads or other videos.

The downloads speed is not the problem. Its not like the video buffers. It stutters.

If I could just hit pause and have it buffer, it would be completely fine.

you have to disable youtube DASH playback which is on demand streaming.

i think youtube center is the only option now but that might be broken.

if it is stuttering then i might be not able to render the video properly. what is you cpu and cpu usage

It was the CPU.

I cant remember exactly what it is, but it is an ivybridge pentium that I am using while I figure out what I want to do with my next build.

I overclocked the chip a bit and play back was definitely better.

I had no idea this CPU was such a potato.


You could try putting the URL into VLC (media>network medium; I believe)


are you using the html5 or flash for playback?

html5 will be more cpu dependent than flash

Youtube-dl, then watch at leisure and delete when done?

Yea, CPU can be used very heavily in decompressing streaming codex in 4K.

Youtube removed the old pause & buffer the whole video feature. Now it might be on a setting somewhere but its bound to be awkward and flaky. Just another YT regression.


When they first introduced html5 video on youtube (, the player would do exactly as what you're looking for. The downside is that it had very limited features like only 720p max resolution etc. When they updated it to be in line with the flash variant (eww), that feature was removed. Using something like youtube-dl might get what you want.

@Dje4321 and @eidolonFIRE

Yes, I am using HTML5 (using chrome on linux)

And yes, I did know that 4K was taxing on the CPU, but I never thought it would be this bad.

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yeah. flash does support hardware decoding

yeah it can be very hard since streaming services are most likely to use h.265 for 4k since it will cut the bandwidth requirements in half.