How can i disable the toggle-ads for Crysis 1?

So does anybody have any idea on how i can go about disabling the toggle-ads for the original Crysis? I have done a quick google search and there is seriously people non-stop on multiple different forums asking how they can disable this irritating problem and i am not able to find a single solution for it. I also ran into somebody saying that EA would release a fix for the issue in a new patch if they had enough complaints, typically enough they never actually released a patch because they claimed it was too hard to fix such a simple issue.

Every fps game i have played doesn't use a toggle for the ads, and if it did, it almost always certainly give you the option to disable it.

Has anybody here found a way around this simple issue? Toggle-ads is incredibly irritating and quite frankly... it is a deal breaker and i will happily uninstall this game and bin it. I hate it that much...


Have you tried this or did it not work? (I don't know, don't have the game installed.)

Then there is this...

I ran into those same two links you posted. The first one was a bit odd because the guy does not explain the entire thing very well. The location of the file was not where he stated it was. When i finally found the file i needed to edit, which was under the name "actionmaps", there was an action under the name of "attack2" which was under the control "mouse2". I found "mouse2", but its action was under "zoom" and not "attack2".

With the second link... i really just have no idea what they are talking about because they seem to get a little deeper into the games code which i know nothing about.


I hope i can find a fix for this. It really sucks that crytek would make such a simple mistake and not even address it when it became an issue for a lot of people.