How Can I Connect My Case Fans?

I'm planning to build a PC with this motherboard     and this case

The case comes with 4 built in fans a front a side a back and a top fan. I also want to install 2 extra fans, 1 for the top and 1 for for the side panel. I'm sort of new to pc building and i'm unsure how I will connect all the 6 case fans when the motherboard has only 5 fan headers and one of them is for the CPU fan. I know that you can connect a fan directly to your psu but unsure how and can you just use the 3 pin connector to connect it to the PSU? This is the PSU i plan to get .Also will the fan cables be long enough to connect to the fan headers or will i need a fan cable extender?


Get something like this 

If I were you, would buy a fan controller, so not only can you have the fans you mentioned but others in the future as well. A fan controller would occupy one of your 5.25" disk drive slots and would allow you to control the speed of all of your system fans right from the front panel. I would go with this personally: