How can i clone my Os to my new SSD and delete my original one without loosing the Steam Games stored on the HDD?

Hey Guys , im mocking my brain , trying to think about a way to clone my OS and a few Steam Games on my new SSD . The bad thing is : iwant to keep some data on the Old HDD because i just have an 320Kb/s internet Connection. It would be a Pain in the Ass to redownload all of the Programms.Can you suggest a nice program ? Im looking forward to your answer.

You can move your steam folder freely between drives, when you open steam.exe it will make an installation to the new system and all games in the steam folder will work. There's no reason to keep games on the SSD though.

Just clone your system partition to SSD with whatever you can find.

Intel has a data migration tool that let's you select what you want to transfer between storage drives 

Here is the link:

steam has a function where you can backup your games (right click on the game in the library and you'll figure it out).

I wouldn't clone a HDD to SSD with an OS. Just back up your games and files and make a fresh install.


(edit): infact, you don't even need to delete the HDD. Just install the windows on your SSD and pull all the important data over to the SSD. Shouldn't be too much of a problem.

I forgot to mention that my whole system is instaled on the Hdd currently. I just want to remove my OS from the HDD and put it on my new SSD. All the other data shall remain on my HDD.

Clean install your ssd boot drive. Follow this guide for set up Remember to check for firmware updates for your ssd first and set your sata in bios to ahci. Once installed just plug your old hdd back up and delete the old os. As far as cloning your old os to your new ssd , Its really a crap shoot whether or not your going to have problems with drivers ect. Clean install is best.

what about programs 

how you put some programs on the ssd with out uninstalling tham