How can I as a citizen outside of USA help fight the ISP's?

Thankfully all the throttling, data caps and all the other bs haven't arrived to sweden...yet. That's why I'm wondering what I can do to help the american people take back the internet? IS there some petitions to sign? Groups to join? letters to write? What can I do?

Bara vänta, det kommer hit med ska du se... 

Just wait, it will be here soon enough...

I think they'll encounter far more resistance here than in the US, at least for the most part there's usually another option. I know at least in Norway Telenor had datacaps back when ADSL was introduced, they kept them until the competition came along.


I am rather lucky in that one of my local ISPs are one of the more forward thinking ones though, they were relatively quick with rolling out fiber, and kept doing so until they ran out of money. To begin with they bundled a TV package, but they stopped that fortunately. Unfortunately I decided to buy an apartment in a deadzone which isn't planned for fiber for a while longer :(

For sure, but unfortunately alot of people in ALL countries doesn't care untill it's too late... they are just too buzy running around pulling their hair about something else, like jobs and immigration, instead of bothering with what companies do... How often do you read EVERYTHING in "Terms of service"-agreements?