How Billy Mitchell got caught cheating

came across this on reddit today, didn’t even take 4 minutes to explain the most notable cues. seems pretty clear.

Who is Billy Mitchell and why do I care enough to click a link?


Watch ‘king of kong’

It is one of the best documentaries that you will ever see.


i guess you don’t watch LT1 news then? it is kind of funny how seriously these guys take them selves. anyways LT1 news wasn’t sure how they knew it was mame and not an arcade. one suggested it was the way the pixels were rendered but, clearly the the level loads notably different.

you’d think it would have taken an hour to line out all of the evidence but, no, like 4 minutes.

I’m living in my RV after a divorce and have limited data using my phone as a hotspot, so I don’t watch any video unless necessary for working on stuff. I miss the LT1 news. I used to watch it in 15 minute segments while exercising down stairs.

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It was pretty interesting, and kind of obvious after you see it. I guess the level transitions happen pretty fast, otherwise it would have been really obvious to other players. But seems pretty irrefutable to me. It wasn’t just the level transitions though, there was talk about the logic of the play which suggested it was a Tool Assisted Speed run (TAS), or he had edited input files. I haven’t seen any responses from Billy however.

There was another docco I saw similar to King of Kong. Not so much about cheating, but the physical ordeal of playing the game for so long.

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Todd rogers record got thrown out after 35 years after getting a impossible time

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Older record holder’s are going down recently! lel. This one however, I am surprised given the amount of attention he has gotten over the course of the last few years.

Holy Crow, the trailer looks pretty damn cool!

EDIT: Well actually Man Vs Snake was pretty damn interesting and a decent watch! Talk about pushing your self past the edge. What a decent bunch of folks with actual sportsman ship. Billy Mitchell was also in this in and didn’t sound like an ass hole.

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Yeah, I was amazed how they played it for 36 hours or so.

Still, Billy hasn’t really responded to the accusations to my knowledge. I saw some sycophantic interviews where he denied ever using MAME, but that’s about it.

The record seems to have been pushed even further these days, up into the 1.2 millions. Might as well come clean.

Well when the original records came out, it was pretty difficult to actually submit one. You either had to use a camcorder or get an official ref to come watch you do it. That’s all they really had to rely on. So once you got a ref in your pocket it was pretty easy to fake scores.

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By bribing them?
Have they no integrity?

I guess he has the ego to pull it off.

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He also has the right kind of mindset to get people to side with him willingly or not.

And he basically cheated at pacman to get to the kill screen, but manipulating the “ai”, hiding in a certain spot and not playing a fair game.

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