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How best to serve and eat Food Discussion Area

Honestly I never had eggs with ramen, but people on the internet do and they say its good. I don’t have the time to get the egg from the carton.

I just said that because I wanted likes :smiley:

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Ramen is good with the least water possible. Cook it with the water just high enough to cover the noodles or drain it afterwards. Makes the broth more like a sauce and less like an ocean of too-hot-to-eat-anyway.


is this gonna be everyone posting their insta pics of food? :laughing:


Every meat can be made to taste good even and I must say especially without being drowned in aftermarket sauces.

For starters. I love thyme and rosemary on red meat, sometimes even mustard.
My mother still marinades meat with wine.

I agree. Mostly meat and a nice garnish can do it. Sauces tend to overwhelm the flavors of the other ingredients.


No, we already have that…

Excuse me?

Its like fried ice cream but butter inside instead of ice cream.

Sounds like heart attack on a stick

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In the latest study’s it is proven that butter is not bad for you heart however that doesn’t make it less caloric which means you will get fat before you die.





Transfats used to be pushed as healthy for your heart.

Gonna try some frozen “slow cooker” mix I picked up last week.
Crock pot has not been used in years

Butter doesn’t contain trans fats :? also trans fats were made by humans … they can be found in nature but rarely. The main problem with them was the high amount of LDL and low amount of HDL which made them actually cause heart attack …

also -

the fuck is that ?

Try pork fat instead of butter?

Also you can eat what you want if you burn it off later. You get fat from taking in more calories than you burn.

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That’s a good idea and if someone is willing to try it just a tip from me is - don’t forget to put some salt, sometimes fat can be overwhelming put some salt on it and it tastes way better.

Well you are promoting a lazy way of living :smiley: it should be - Burn more calories so you can eat what you want later.
With your thinking there may be people who are thinking like oh yeah just this time and then i start training and burning calories … it shouldn’t be like that.

Sams club ranch chicken slow cooker thingy comes in a frozen pkg
Weird since chicken never needs slow cooking unlike beef brisket and pork shoulder

Had to google it up, never used something like that. It has tights meat which is red meat and can be cooked more. It will be perfect in a slowcooker if you ask me.

I didn’t know they had A1 over there.

I thought that was just an American thing.

By over there you mean in Bulgaria ?
If yes then yes. :smiley:
We have the EU standards which for meat is - SEUROP which stands for -
S - superb
E - exellent
U - very good
R - good
O - fair
P - poor

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