How bad did I mess up

I really wish I got the $50 kingston ssd and a full size mobo. too late to cancel





Refurbished powersupply scares the hell out of me. I assume your building a htpc. What cpu are you going to use?


botting rig. I want to use fx 8320 if I can get it for $100 on monday. My biggest regret is the mobo tons of bad reviews on newegg. 

why can´t you cancel? just call new egg, and say that you want to cancel the motherboard, and also the case order.

Also, that motherboard is quite old.  If you wanna go with an 8 core, you gotta go with a proper motherboard.  Just cause it fits in the socket doesn't mean it's a good option - esp with AMD 8 cores.

Yeah doesn't look too bad except that motherboard is no good for an 8 core and refurb PSUs are kinda scary. Other than that prices look good.

No you don't want a Kingston V300. They are shit. Even at that price.

would this mobo be good with amd fx 6300? that's all i can really afford right now anyway. I'm literally faceplaming right now cause I could have gotten a nice mid tower case and mobo for almost same price

Should be okay but don't push it too hard

Ran a 6100 on that board. Did okay but watch your temps and dont overclock. Thing was like a little space heater.

Can you please explain why Kingston V300 is shit? I and 3 of my friends have one and its seems okay....or a link if you can. Thanks

They used to be okay but then Kingston changed the supplier of their NAND. It was Toshiba toggle mode NAND then they changed it to some brand of asynchronous stuff. Runs at about a quarter to a third of the speed. Plus the firmware was updated and it is terrible. The drives can't reach anywhere near the manufacturers stated specs. They run at about 80-150MB/sec on reads and like 50MB on writes. Doesn't mater if it is with compressible or uncompressible data. That is about the same speed as a regular HDD. Plus, they have higher failure rates.

Here is the article on it.

Or you can just go to Amazon and read reviews of the drive. The latest ones all say it sucks.

The Crucial MX100 is a much better drive. Better flash and it doesn't use the frankly terrible Sandforce controller either. Plus it is only like $8 more.