How Apple listens to you all the time

How Apple listens to you all the time.

Hi guys,

I share with you this french article + interview of a whistleblower, he as work for compagny name Globetech in Ireland a subcontractor of Apple during 10 weeks. His job was to listen at records of user request to siri made by iPad user and check and correct if necessary the speech-to-text “AI” of siri.

You can find the article over there in french :
The interview :

He say that the data go back form 2014 over 11 language (French, English (AU/GB/US/CA and IN), German, Japanese, Chinese( CN&HK)) , the journalist estimate the quantity data in French of user request to siri on Airpods for the 3rd quarter for 2019 at 57 years or record.

He explain what was the objective of Apple for Siri, they are focus the recognition on brand name , TV show name , movies name…
On of his example is about a kid who ask about a tv kid show unrecognized by siri, i had to make a google search to find the name with the perfect spelling.

He also say that their are multiple layer of “analyst”, on them take care about the logic of siri, and have access to all the user data(contact, music, movie…). His example was about someone who say: “siri, call Mike” the analyst can see if siri was able find the contact name “Mike”, if not he can correct the logic of siri by finding manually the contact name “Mike” on the user account.

EDIT : The title is a translation in English of the press article, i not a journalist it’s why i have try to translate the interesting information of this articles, since at my knowledge it’s the first time that someone describe from the inside what’s behind the data collection siri.


This is interesting to me, especially since it sounds like an additional source as to the inner workings of Apple’s speech-to-text system (for Dictation/Siri), and the human review they use. I would like to suggest that you use a more specific title to the thread, perhaps:
“Apple Siri/Dictation contractor describes access to user data/recordings”

That would give readers a better initial sense of what you will be talking about. “Apple listens to you all the time” is also not entirely accurate on phones and computers since Siri can be easily disabled, and its always-on functionality (“Hey Siri”) is unavailable on battery power. Homepods probably cannot disable Siri for obvious reasons.

As one who does not speak French, I will ironically need to use a translation tool like DeepL or Google Translate that likely has its own human review systems.

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There was another English source for this that circulated a couple months ago (can’t bother to look for it), but nonetheless, is anyone REALLY surprised that Apple listens to what you tell Siri? Come on, Apple pretends they’re all about “privacy” and “security,” but it’s all a lie cloaked behind their advertising. Apple is interested in your personal data, just like all of big tech (but seemingly to a lesser degree), and even has an advertising-ID built into their devices. Apple even does targeted advertising FYI (if you don’t believe me, take a look at their official method to opt out, or a news article from 2018 about Apples plans to extend targeted advertising).

A bit of a tin-foil hat speculation of mine is that many image cloud backups services (Apple iCloud, Google Photos, Microsoft OneDrive, etc.) and social media websites (Facebook & Instagram) have employees dedicated to looking at peoples personal images to better develop AI as to what is in an image, such as being able to identify trees in an image, number of people, and specific people of an image. I don’t have a source for this (can’t be bothered to find one, again), but would not be surprised at all if Apple employees people to better their AI image recognition.

Honestly, just expect any personal data that leaves your device (audio, video, image, contacts, text messages) to be reviewed by a real, unintended person, at some point.

Title is misleading.

All the info you need is basically here

If they we’re they’d have it published somewhere that they take samples.

They do however scan images for child abuse images


This just in: Apple, Google and everyone else under the sun is using the sensors, cameras and microphones that we willingly paid for to put into our pockets and homes.

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