How and Where to Spend Crypto Currency

I've got a question that I am hoping someone can answer for me. How would I go about spending some BTC/LTC/FTC on game fan shop/greenmangaming or other similar sites without built in BTC/LTC/FTC support? Is there anyway to buy things on sites without crypto currency support or is it not possible? I am sure I could get someone to buy the thing and then pay them the BTC/LTC/FTC however I would like to deal with that as little as possible. Thanks in advance.


I've used them several times for ebay.


Thanks for that. If anyone else is having trouble spending their coins you could use for steam and snap card for many other things. i've basically built my entire system using them. 

I am also wondering about it cause i heard it to one of my friend where is he having difficulties where he can spend it.To be honest me and my friend is still studying in school of economics at but he already enter this kind of things cause he really like investing however he is having difficulties now about it.