How and where to get DDLs (and other components?) for Wine?

I really want to play games like GTA V on Linux but as of right now don't have the time or patience to set up KVM with a vga-passthrough. I found this guide to do it in Wine:
Now it's telling me to get a bunch of other components. However I am not very familiar with Wine and I don't know how and where to get these components. I haven't really used wine too much so any help would be appreciated

You can use winetricks or playonlinux to do .... oh. I believe the case is GTAV needs DX11 compatibility... which wine does not adequately support yet unfortunately.

Isn't there that project from crossweavers which will will bring dx11 to cross over and then to wine?

Yea...idk anything about that though other than articles from earlier this year say "it's coming".

The easiest solution is to get a second drive and duel boot windows I hate to say it because everyone of my computers in my house is running Linux but that would be the simplest solution. From what I see on Winehq Grand theft auto 5 is rated as garbage which means you are not going to be able to get it to work I have issue with game that are rated Gold through Wine some times.

That's quite unfortunate. Good thing I am just starting to switch right and I still have my SSD with windows

Yeah I hate to give the Windows option and prefer the Linux option when I can but there are still a lot of games that don't run well in Linux. That being said there are many games that run nativly in Linux as well and it is a lot beater than it was a few years ago but Linux gaming is still in its infancy.