How all iPads should be treated

Enough has been said



id rather do this

thats actually pretty cool. I personally would probably never do that since how the fuck am i supposed to use a tablet while driving. cool regardless

Never use it while driving! Use it for music and gps but not angry birds while drifting in your mad jdm car.

i want to do that with my old android phone.

Love MCM, they think of great topics for their videos. The Tek and them are my two favorite YouTube channels. Really want to do this myself...

well my car is old enough where i have a cassette player in my car and nothing else. I just use a adapter to hook my phone up through the cassette player and play music through that

Same but I dont have a car dash what is right for it so I settled for an aftermarket pioneer stereo. 

I Actually manga bombed my car because of them <3