House motem beeping when AD pops up

Forgive me, I honostly had a tough time researching this issue.
Sooo, when ever I browse Yify's website (belongs to his team now) I get redircted to this page that Makes my motem make an obnoxious beeping noise and the second I close it, the noise stops. Ive tested it this out to make sure it wasnt a coincidence. Im a bit concerned and would like info on it.
Plus maybe a link to the most secure browser for android maybe? Sorry.

Can you take a clip of the modem making noise?

And if you aren't already aware, that page is total BS. They're trying to get you to download their "fix" which is really a virus.

Maybe the modem is beeping because it notices you're on a malware page? I've never heard of a modem beeping for that though. Is your modem a modem+router combo?

Are you sure the beeping sound isn't comming from your computer?, the modem is a whole system appart from your computer, with it's own OS so sounds highly unusual if it's not the computer.
Honestly the page looks alot like one of those add injected pages trying to get you to scam you.
Like the microsoft windows error screen from the indian scammers, or the one where FBI has "locked" your computer and will unlock it if you pay xx amount.

Im using my phone when this ad pops up (5.1. ~ Firefox). Im software savy you could say and was suprised when this happened. I will take a video later today, bit of a tight schedule.

Its not a router + motem box together. Two boxes and ill get you a video clip in a couple of hours. My shift has me overtime atm

Again i doubt it is your Modem, making your modem beep would litterally require the software to locate the IP address of your modem on your home network, may end in n.n.n.1 or n.n.n.255, or anywhere inbetween, and after locating that it would require a specific know how of the exact hardware within your modem, to trigger to internal speaker, if there even is any. Most modems actually just relay messages using diodes, not to mention the specific security measures your modem has installed through its OS.
Ads of these types are usually created by someone who knows how to create a loop in jquery/html to lock down your browser. so if you close the windows it repops, so you really think it's important(e.g a google alarm, FBI alarm, microsoft alarm). And from your own experience how often is an OS 28.1% broken?. does it make sense you're being directed to a specific piece of software to repair the specifically pointed out 28.1% broken OS?(in this case applock).
My personal experience is that either a OS is broken and wont work, or else it works. Something maybe be skewed in the OS but ill bet you your browser wont be able to detect it if you virus scanner hasn't allready.

I've been attempting to retrigger the beeping sound but no luck because the pop up is apparently non existent now. It only occurs from "" a torrenting site. That could be the reason, ha..haa.... Dont worry ill be in the corner with the hat on)

I will still keep on trying and if anything happens, lets hope I can clip it.
Thanks for the help