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Hourly Crypto Exchange data

I’m trying to get exchange data (preferably from Kraken or something with similar exchange rates, so maybe not Korean exchanges).

I can use the Kraken API to get recent data and if I set the resolution to daily (1440 minutes) it gets me data ranging back to 2016 but the next smaller interval (240 minutes) only gives me data ranging back to December 2017 and hourly much less.

Does anyone know of any other good data source?

I used the following command to get the date the way I described above via

curl -H “Content-Type: application/json” -X POST -d ‘{“pair”:“XXBTZEUR”, “interval”:“1440”}’

your pulling chart data so what your seeing makes sense, their API seems complete - What do you want to do with the data?

True, but I want older hourly data for the entirety of last year and that the API didn’t allow for.

I needed to calculate my win/loss in USD for trades that were crypto-to-crypto and I was automating it but I settled with using the weighted average price for that day which is also available in the OHLC data.

what your doing doesn’t make any sense, but glad you got the data you wanted :wink:

Makes perfect sense and I didn’t get the data I wanted. I wanted hourly but it doesn’t go back as far as I want so I had to settle with daily.