Hot Swapping SSD's And HDD's

Could i have 2 different hard-drives that i setup on the same computer with windows be hot swappable?, as in hot swapping the main OS drive, will it work fine or will there be problems? Because i recently purchased an ssd and want to set it up with windows, but on my hard drive i am finishing up skyrim. So could i play skyrim on one drive, remove it and place the ssd with windows on it and yea...crep this is hard to explain

I plan on installing windows on this rig from scratch to avoid any hardware problems that windows finds, So both drives will have their separate windows on it,

Thats not what im asking, its obvious that you cannot change a hard-drive while a computer is powered on, im asking if i can switch out and switch back two drives with windows that have completely separate things on them, but with the same drivers specialized to that hardware?

Oh, thanks!, that was simple

or you could just boot to the ssd and either play skyrim on the hdd or transfer the files to the ssd