Hot Samsung 840 EVO mSata SSDs

Hi everyone, 

I have two 1TB Samsung 840 EVO mSata SSDs in my laptop (P150SM, specs on my profile) and they get fairly hot during normal use such as gaming. Each SSD gets to nearly 80c according to CPUID HW Monitor and the palm rest and underside of my laptop where one of the SSDs are gets very very warm. It is sort of annoying because one SSD is located directly under the touch-pad/wrist-wrest area and becomes uncomfortable after awhile. Heat does not affect performance in my testing (around 550MBps read/writes each). 

Does anyone else see temps like this with their mSata SSD? Should I be worried about these temps? I assumed it was normal because both SSDs read very similar temps even though one is next to the CPU with tons of airflow and the other is enclosed under the touch-pad with no airflow.

(No guessing please, only reply if you actually know something about SSD temperatures.)

The heat shouldn't come from the drives themselves as they use relatively little power. They have built in compensation for hot environments so that the controller slows down to try to lower the tempeature as it nears 70. It shouldn't take long to cool off when you end the gaming session.

Seeing as the system as a whole is running pretty hot when gaming, I'd look to some additional cooling for longer sessions of gaming. For the sake of the health of the whole system.