Hot pink PC case?


Bit of a random one, I'm putting a build together for my partner and she has specified she wants a hot pink case.
Now I've had a look around and I can't seem to find anything that's very quality, only cheap stuff from china.
I know its a bit random but does anyone know of any good pink cases? something that looks good and is quality made. Ideally im looking for a mini or micro atx form factor but open to suggestions!


Get a white one and spray paint it. I've spray painted a case (beige to black, but close enough) and it turned out well.


Enermax Ostrog have pink one...
JayzTwoCents made a build for his daughter with it some time ago... It's a bit cheap, so you may want to get some fan filters, but other than that it's fine case...

Amazon sell this crazy expensive... Look for it elsewhere.

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You can even put a coat of clear over it to make it shine.
The custom options avail at any autoparts store is extensive. Maybe some chrome letters making the case "Hers"

thats the one thing I was trying to avoid, Im not afraid of doing it, i've done it before, unfortunately I live in an apartment now and have no space to paint :/
I thought the bitfenix prodigy came in pink but apparently not

That is the route I would go, personally. Pink isn't a very common color for pc cases, unfortunately.

Apevia X-QPACK3-PK Micro ATX Cube PC Gaming/HTPC Case, Pink is the cheap stuff from china?

I would try to find somewhere that isn't your apartment to paint a case or get someone else to do it for cash

Or get a fake pink gucci/prada/whatever bag and cut holes in it to plop a PC in there, women love bags...

Ughhhh these cases

Literally shivered. But if thats what your SO wants... I would go the path of getting a decent case and painting it, will be better build quality and the added benefit of making it a more personal gift imo.

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I'm beginning to think a white case and components and fill it with pink LEDs is the way go.
It'll look way better over all


Probably the way to go. Also probably a better cost:quality ratio.

Could even get RGB LEDs so if your partner tires of pink they can just change the color with minimal hassle.

It's so metal!