Hot Laptops

Hello everybody..


have 4 laptops that gets hot as hell fast even on idle.

on one of them i tried too put new paste too see if it would help but no luck there..

anyone know what can cause it and if it can be fixed..


i tried to disable the wlan card in bios on one of them and it helped a bit from 75c idle to 65 idle still hot thou

I would try using a laptop cooler, makes a big difference with some laptops.  I have a nice Cooler Master one where you can move the fans to the hot spots, works a charm.

Yeah, the CoolerMaster SF-19 is awesome. I used one when I still used a laptop and I recommend it to all of my friends that game on laptops.

I would try a really thuro cleaning again.

And make sure the TIM is of good quality too.

thx for replys. i'll see if i can get that thermal paste if that dont work i'll get laptop cooler.

in general so arent the laptops any high end but for my kids to watch youtube and other things.