Hosting Bare Bones Personal Image Gallery


New to the forums but have been watching L1T for quite some time. My background is in electronics repair, buy my hobby is photography. I am wanting to make a simple website for myself that hosts my photos (possibly make an additional site for someone else). I would also like to take this time to learn enough web development to get this accomplished. I would like to host this via Linode. They kept talking about the 100 dollar credit so I finally gave in.

So far I have done the following things.
-launched linode (1 core, 1gb ram, 25gb storage)
-installed hestiacp ( read somewhere it was good for managing multiple sites)
-am able to connect to webserver and view the default hestiacp landing page.

I’m just looking for someone to point me in the right direction. Like I said earlier, this is new field for me so any help would be appreciated.


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Here are some that I have played with over the years… they range from professional photo gallery to file sharing with gallery capabilities. They have different design/use cases, you might have to kick the tires to see which ones (or others) fills what you are looking for. You could use that credit to have multiple instances so you can compare them side by side.

I think zenphoto has a GPS plugin so that you can see where all the pictures were taken. It’s nice for vacation albums.

I think others that I have looked at, but never tried are

Currently, I’m using nextcloud since it suits my needs and and has other benefits for me.

Edit- If you want design your own website from scratch, then you probably want to look for web design examples/classes.

Thank you for your recommendations. I will look into these things. Would you happen to have any good sources for web design classes? or should I just google web design classes and follow something I find?

You don’t web design advice from me… here is an example of “good enough for me”

Web search will be better or maybe someone else with actual experience will chime in.


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