Horizontal mount fans

I’m looking to mount 2 x 140mm fans horizontally in the top of my case. I have some Rosewill fans that I have been using but they keep rattling and I hate it.
Anyone know of a good fan to use that is quality/will last?
I think I need airflow rather than static pressure…
I’m not an expert on this.

I have 2 140mm front intake behind a 280mm radiator, 1 x 120mm rear exhaust, and 1x 140mm top exhaust currently.
I’m thinking of having the 2 x 140mm top act as intake as well as the 2 front intake. I think this will make the exaust flow out of the back of the case around the pcie slots and the rear fan. Anyone have some thoughts on the issue?
Oh, its a Phanteks P400 case…

hard to go wrong with noctua, but what are you looking to spend on these fans?


I was just going to say the same thing. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a lot of choices for decent quiet fans these days. I’ve got fans mostly from Noctua and Be Quiet here, but I’ve got a few from Fractal Design which came with their cases, and those seem pretty good as well.

Honestly, I never pay much attention to the whole static pressure vs airflow thing. It makes sense that you’d want high static pressure for a radiator fan, and wouldn’t care so much for the average case fan, but I’m just not sure how much of a difference it really makes.

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I’d rather not spend Noctua prices but if it keeps the fans from rattling all day then I’ll pay it. Are they all made to work properly on horizontal mounting?
Any thoughts about the airflow designs?

I dont think you’ll find an orientation where the noctua fans dont work and I run a top intake setup myself. It works fine. Be Quiet would also be a solid choice.

In theory any ball bearing or fluid bearing fan will last longer than a sleeve bearing fan, and will last significantly longer mounted horizontal compared to a sleeve bearing.


Arctic Cooling.
They were one of the first companies to give the world 6 years warranty on fans alongside noctua with the price difference of 1 toctua for 4 arctics locally.
If you are tight on budget nothing beats Arctic for quality for the money.
If you are not tight on money Noctua is never a bad choice.

Thank you!!! I searched for this article as I knew GN had covered this, but my google-fu failed me. The GN search function is not the best as well.

@psycho_666 I can +1 the Arctic recommendation. I have some of their products too. I put in a support ticket to them and Noctua yesterday evening to see if they have a recommendation for which of their fans would work best for horizontal mounting. I’ll let the forum know what they say.


Phanteks fans are good. I have them as case fans and a couple are mounted in horizontal orientation. No problems with them (they are like 2 years old now).

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