Horizon Zero Dawn

I have to admit. I general buy video games for research and development, as I build video games in Unreal Engine. But with an ASRock X370 Tai Chi, 5950x 16 core 32 Thread processor, and a ASRock 6950xt. This game looks beautiful. I over doubled my FPS, @ 3440x1440, with everything cranked up . Of course I had to get a 1300 w gold EVGA PSU, to power all this hardware. I did the benchmark, and would like to share the results.

Just for the record I find it interesting that the X370 Tai Chi started at PCIE3 and since the latest bios update it runs PCIE4. I hope the screen shot posted.


I have a seven year old PC with dated components and this game looks absolutely stunning on 1080p already. I can only imagine what it must look like at 4k.


I tested it in 4k and it’s just beautiful!

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Beautiful game for sure, good story and protagonist. But some of those robot dinos are insufferably difficult to kill. Where can I find a rock that will break the Rockbreaker?

The Day the Dinosaurs Died: Dinosaurs would have lived if asteroid was 30 seconds late | Metro News

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Using a spear like a club really ruined immersion for me. Economy is really bad too, Inventory flooded with stuff and nothing to spend it on. Micromanaging inventory as a minigame. Picking flowers to get healing made up like 2 hours of my gameplay. Lots of filler content and mechanics to increase played time. A thousand or so campfires as checkpoints. Linear character progression with a pseudo-skill tree that doesn’t allow for real choices.

Graphics are good.
Story isn’t bad, but nothing really new or innovative. A lot of stereotypes and borrowing from the best-of from the last 3 decades. I’ve seen better designed quests in 30 year old MMOs. Predictable and obvious plot twist. Game even gives hints so even the dumbest player feels smart. Cheap and patronizing.

Multi-hitbox Dinosaurs and learning strength+weaknesses was fun. Downing Thunderjaws or Rockbreakers and the DLC Dinos were good challenges. Birds are more annoying than fun or challenging.

It was ok. Nothing really remarkable or new. Good techdemo for graphics and benchmarking though.

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I totally agree.

This one I dunno … I liked the story, yes you have a feeling whats happening… but your still not sure.

I like the dystopian image of our future. Yes, has elements of other stories, but how they were put together I felt was unique. Story arc was fun to me. I liked some of the challenges the game gives you. BUT to each their own.

I was bummed that we have to wait the second game comes to PC.

Now that I think of it… I kinda wanna get into this one again… but Assassins Creed is taking precedent at the moment.