Hopping on the pfSense Bandwagon

After mulitple router resets yesterday, I have decided that I will be moving to the old PC/ pfsense platform. Luckily enough I found an old dell desktop at my aunt's house loaded with everything I need. Brand new wireless and LAN cards, raid card with 4 120gb seagate barracudas in raid10 and a 2.8Ghz P4. My question starts here: In my house I have a 2wire motem/router box in room we built into my garage. I have coax cables running through all of the walls, that then plug into Uverse boxes that have ethernet ports on them, which then plug into our computers. How would I set this up properly because my router and motem are the same device? The main issue being I have to have a seperate motem and router (I think) and I don't use ethernet, I use coax. How would I set this up?

you might have to get a card with coax connections.

Well what I did was buy a seperate modem for my network, then ran an ethernet cable to my PFSense box and then the LAN card to my 8 port switch. Then used my old DSL Modem as a wifi access point

as for the NAS, use FreeBSD