Hooking PS4 to Yamaha R-S202

Hey. I was curious about using a pair of headphones for my PS4. I hear that the quality isnt great when you simply plug the headphones into the controller so I was thinking about hooking my PS4 to my Yamaha R-S202 receiver and then plugging my headphones into the receiver. Problem is my receiver doesnt have a digital optical input port or an hdmi port, only the red and white analog ports, so running from the PS4 to the receiver directly isn't an option.

My TV has analog out ports so do you think I should connect to the receiver from the TV?

Or should I buy a DAC and run from my PS4 to my DAC and then into the receiver?

And will all these conversions hurt the quality of the sound?

The PS3 had the option to split the outputs so you could run audio out the standard Playstation AV connection and video out the HDMI. Does the PS4 still have the old Playstation AV connector?

It does not

Damn, only HDMI I guess then?

Thats right. My TV has analog out ports but I dont know how that'll affect the quality opposed to just hooking the PS4 into my receiver, if that was an option.

Always worth a try if it is free.

Just a $5 A/V cable so I dont think I'll be losing too much haha.

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Give it a try before going and looking into receivers. After that though if it does not work it might have to be a receiver with HDMI in, on the upside the signal to the receiver is digital so the sound quality should not suffer.