Honeybadger question

I'm pretty set on picking up a P8Z77-I Deluxe and Cobalt blue Bitfenix prodigy in the next day or two to convert my PC to ITX.

I've got a few questions to people who may have a similar setup, including logan and his sexy honeybadger.


  • What fans do you use?
  • Does the honeybadger get loud?
  • Does the honeybadger get extremely hotter than an ATX/mATX build would?
  • Will the fact that it only has 1 PCI 3.0 slot cost me more in the future for upgrades? Or will I be better off buying a 960/1060 when my 760 can't play all the best games anymore?
  • What does the inside of the honeybadger/any other similar itx build look like? is it extremely cramped or no?
  • Would it be good for my main machine or should I keep my main machine ATX? (3770k/GTX 760/16GB Ram)