Honestly how hard is it to game on a keyboard and mouse coming from a controller

So i've been a console gamer for pretty all my gaming life and I have finally decided to make the swith to the pc, but I am still nervous that I won't like gaming on a keyboard and mouse, ( I have tried before and thought it was awkward) so honestly how hard and how long does it take to get used too....

After a few days, it will feel like second nature. Put more money into a nice mouse than on a keyboard; a mechanical keyboard is nice, and I will never go back, but in gaming, it isn't necessary. You can use an Xbox controller on your PC, btw. Google it - there are many programs that let you use it.

I can't tell you that, but what I can tell you is that around 2003 I tried Halo for the first time and was terrible at it. I still can't get the hang of dual stick shooters.  I suck something awful at them, to the point where people make fun of me and I let them because there's really no defense for it.  I can play third person games OK, or any other console game.  Shooters though, no go for Jimes.

I am a console and pc gamer it easy to switch bewteen, i only have a problem switching between acrade stick and joy pad.

Switched back over from the 360 a few mounths ago after several years and I was bad at first but you get use to it. Just don't throw in the towel!

some take to it like a fish to water, others need time to adjust. it really is specific to the induvidual. but either way mouse and keyboard is a more effective and precise system to use 9/10 times with games. admitidly im really good with both as iv gamed on both most of my live. but i prefer mouse and keyboard in most cases.

The thing I don't like about PC gaming verse console, is how you have to sit in a chair and since the keyboard for the most part is stationary, you can't move around, or like kind of lay down and play where as ps3 you can just sit back, relax and play. 

So bassically the way you sit (At least for me) is a lot different than with a controller, and the monitor is a lot closer to me. That can take a little getting used to, but other than that its no big deal.

It's down to personal preference