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Honda VFR800 RC46 1998

Hey fellow riders,

so I've recently bought myself a birthday gift. A bike that I've wanted for much too long is finally in my possession.


1998 Honda VFR800 imported from USA.

- Its got new brakes front and rear (brake rotors and pads)
- Working Dual CBS system
- Chain and sprockets in good shape
- Lazer Exhaust
- Back seat cover
- CNC aluminium levers and handlebars
- Fairings in good shape, undamaged.

I got it for reasonable price with expected initial maintenance of aprox 500$.
- Oil and oil filter change
- New set of tyres
- Brake fluid change
- Coolant change

Some early photos from today:

I plan to use this as a blog about further development of this bike, so I have everything documented in one place.

Feel free to comment,


That is a very nice machine!! ☺

That thing is beautiful mate, love that seat cowl, really makes it look slick!
Im jelly ahha
Currently on a GS500F :D

This was my previous bike. Had it for 10 years and did 50k km on it.

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That feeling when you park a bike at your living room :)

Today I bought new helmet. I've tried about 10 different models of various brands and this one is by far most comfortable. Even in comparison with Bell Star Carbon which is 2 times the price.

Scorpion EXO-1200
- composite shell
- air pump
- internal visor
- double D rings
- 1350g
Got it for discount price of $240

And new set of tyres has just arrived. Splendid :)

Pirelli Angel ST

Sweet. and enjoy!

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Very nice bike.

I have a Honda myself and they are excellent machines.

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Nice rubber! ☺

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From today's trip
200miles in 20°C

Land of ponds surrounded by woods.

I've completed some basic maintenance few hours ago.
Let's take a look at what was going on:

Checking air filter

Not looking good.

Looking much better

New clutch set

A look at clutch assembly

Old clutch spring closing to service limit

New clutch spring from EBC

Ready for re-assembly

With new clutch springs (yes, its not tightened up)

Whats inside clutch reservoir? Thats gross :-/

After cleaning the clutch reservoir.
<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/b/5/b59826100c2b2583acb6c7f3f79c6ccb7463ff31.jpg" width="720"

Something gross even on inside of rubber sealing

The best brake fluid from Motul

Bleeding the clutch

Next time - coolant change

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Looks great. Never rode a VFR. Had a lot of friends that love them. Should make a great bike for you.

First "better" shot of the bike. Right after cleaning...

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Coolant change isnt really a procedure, that could be photo-documented easily.
I drained old coolant, flushed cooloing system with water to get rid of whatever remained there, filled up with new coolant from Motul and bled the system following the instructions in service manual.

New Motul coolant, ready to use mixed ratio 50:50

After bleeding the system

Today was a great weather for a ride

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Let me share with you guys and gals few photos from today's trip.
I was surprised to find out that new asphalt has been laid on this beautiful forest road leading to a castle right next to where I live. With no tourists around, I had to take some shots.

Feel free to comment and enjoy.

Looks pretty beefy. I wear an Icon 1000 Basehawk jacket which has CE rated armor in the back, shoulder, and elbows. It's not as encompassing as that piece though! I've never t tried a dedicated back protected like that. Sees like it would do a better job, but be less convenient for commuting.

damn... that road looks sooo beautiful, I'd love to ride that w/ my Vulcan.