Hommade Audio Switcher

Hey guys,

i want to build a audio switcher that can switch between 2 pcs because i just cant find one (That just switches audio or at least has a reasonable price) so i decided to make it myself. If you know a product with that i can use 2 pc's with one audioset for a cheap price please let me know.

In my plan there is an additional feature to switch the output from speakers to headphones but its not a must have.

I want to use 3 Switches with each 3 circuits (like this http://www.tube-town.net/ttstore/images/product_images/popup_images/5415_0.jpg)

So here is the plan

This should work just fine from the logic.

But what about the physiks? I have no experience in building audiostuff so i could use your help whith answering my main question:

Will this work without lowering the quality of the audio?

I mean there are a few more soldered and pluged connections on the way to the mic/speakers.
Also the switches have a resistance (about 20 miliOhm) will this affekt the impedance or something i have to worry about?
And what about the shielding? I planned to use normal cables or coaxcables but in the case there wont be shielding.
Of course i can shield the inside of the box with aluminiumfoil from the kitchen connected to the gnd of the actual source (pc1 or pc2) but is this necesarry?

Thank you for your help guys!

greetings from germany


This should work fine without any degradation but it could be simpler, you can connect all ground wires and mics are mono so a the mic input can come through an SPCO and you can use two DPCO switches to do PC and headphone/speaker selection. If you wanted you could make the whole thing a little smoother you could use a jack that has built in pass through that way the speakers would work only with the headphones disconnected.

Best of luck

Thank you microsparky.

So i also looked at the option to put all gnd's together. The Problem is my cabeling in the room. There is a potential difference between the two PC's for some resons and sometimes i got shocked when i touch something grounded of my pc (like the case) and for example the heating radiator. Its kinda weird and i dont want to kill something (one of my HDMI-Switches died cause of that already).

I also dont like the passthough and i already got this ot my speakers but i dont want to connect and disconnect my headphones.

So thank you very much.

Do you think the thing with shield the box with aluminum is nessecary?

It sounds like not all your devices are properly grounded, or it could just be you building up static (do you have carpet.?) .

An aluminium enclosure is usually only necessary if you have an amp inside but it won't do any harm.

Well i just thought because of the noise from my computers. The shielding is that bad, i cant hear radio while using my pc's normally.

And yes the grounding is totally wrong. I will measure it in a week with my voltmeter because its annoyes the hell out of me if i got shocked few times a day.

Here in germany when this building was built, nobody cares about electicial security or grounding. Most of the PE's are fake or something like that a friend of mine said. (He is an electrician).

So i will just build it without shirming for the box. But should i buy coax cables or just go with the normal ones?