Homeworld: Shipbreakers (Teaser Trailer)

A new teaser Trailer for Homeworld: Shipbreakers was shown today:

I personally have been excited about this project for some time. I've played the original series and have the remastered version. This though was takes place before the events of Homeworld (At least that was the plan). It is made by some of the original people who made Homeworld. No release Date for the game yet.

Are any of you interested in this game?

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Was wonder what was going on after the got funding and the original ip. Looks good loved the original and the remaster.

Thanks dude, been waiting to hear more about this. Nice one
Thanks to you I did a date search and found this, 30min dev talk about Procedural Cinematography in Homeworld Shipbreakers. thanks again..

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The idea of salvaging derelict starships in the sand reminds me of freelancer when after the main campaign I would patrol the dust clouds for dead ships finding the special lvl 10 guns. Find all the naturally occurring wormholes leading to the systems not on the trade network.

Also reminds me of a level in bad company 2 where there was a dried up sea with ships in the sand.

Never was much of a secret hunter in some games but maybe the subject mater or the obscure lore behind it made me hunt for hours.

Is this still going to be a space RTS at all? Or is the game going in a totally different direction? I heard good things about the original, so the remastered collection is on my to-get list (albeit, towards the bottom)...