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Homelab rebuild in new apartment (40 floors up!)


Hey all -

Thought I’d wave to everyone here since I last posted (more actively) about a year ago.

Having moved to a new home (apartment) 40 odd floors up, I discovered the designers have all the fibre and CAT6 (yes, surprising!) terminated in a lovely patch panel in a utility room (near the washer and 3x outdoor Airconditioners + maid’s toilet).

It took me a while to get things going, but finally the FreeNAS box is back up and running -

The switch is bit of a waste as it’s a 150W PoE Linksys, but oh well. Been stable for about two months now, and only had 3x WD Reds die on the Synology boxes; they’ve recovered fine since, but I did have 2 drives die one at a time during rebuilds, so more may go soon. Thus is a life of spinning rust!

I’m looking to purchase 3x Unifi 16XG switches as I want to get 10G routed to my workstation —> Utility Room —> Server Rack. Since there’s no way to run any cable directly, I’ll need 3x switches.



@tsk will be pleased. Nice view from the new place !



Hey buddy welcome back

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For those curious about the fibre/TV/patch panel in the Utility room here’s a better look. You can see the blue/green Fibre termination that connects to the ISP supplied ZTE router.

The setup here is simple., ZTE —> (WAN) EdgeRouter ----> Switch -----> To each room via the patch panel. Ideally I would have preferred a cleaner install, via a wall mounted rack etc, but just never got to it (yet!).



Oh crap, it’s that guy again …


Welcome back!

That patch panel is nice to have. Sure makes things a lot easier.

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Since I’m living in Asia (and Sri Lanka of all places) I’d never expected them to do such a good job on the networking/panel etc.

Fingers crossed, I hope I can pump 10G through this!! (should be fine!)



Hi all - I’ve started adding a 10G loop to the existing network using 3x Unifi 16XG switches. This is an updated snap from the utility room next to the kitchen.

Simply using the copper RJ45 ports 13 - 16 on default profile “All”; not bothering with VLANs at the moment.



Cool stuff my dude.

How loud/quiet is the Unifi XG16? Looking at replacing a Quanta LB4M (which is as loud as a 747 at take off!).

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Doesn’t seem to be that noisy but then again I haven’t really placed much load to speak of (yet!) – I’m waiting on some X550 T2 Intel NICs to arrive…