Homelab Planning

So, I have a golden opportunity ahead. My wife has decided to open her own cattery and breed cats. Of course, I need to host her website; so its time to get some new gear! (more like, the cats were expensive so I have some cover to spend on a new homelab)

I was looking at those cool datacenter 8180m chips from this video; the price has slid to a mere $350 at this point. Are those still worth it, or is there a better alternative since that was released? What is the recommended motherboard, if those are still good - I found this supermicro one interesting… there are some on eBay that seem reasonable.

The plan is to virtualize most of my independent boxes - the old NAS, my pfSense box, the Plex/Minecraft server… and have room to spare for kubernetes and other homelab shenanigans. Also would love to try some of that card-sharing stuff to run a few cloud gaming servers?

Overkill? Yes. Fun? Also yes.