Home wifi solution with bandwidth limiting/throttling?

Hi so I’m looking to put together a home networking solution with the following requirements:

Bandwidth management(throttling) - per user or per ssid

Router, 3 APs.

So it’s for a house that’s getting satellite internet because it’s remote af. It will be super low data cap because satellite is expensive and the people living there don’t care one iota. So the idea is to limit all users to 500k or 750k or something so they can’t stream netflix hd all day every day and cause a $9000 bill.

Getting the people there to be responsible internet users is not a realistic solution.

Have you guys seen or used home level equipment that has this functionality?

Please note that it’s 8 hours from me and fiddling with pfsense is also not an option. Need off the shelf gear available from best buy or newegg or something

pretty much any decent COTS router will have this functionality.

Oh neat I haven’t looked into one since I bought my ac1200 a bunch of years ago

I’ve used netgear and ubiquity stuff.