Home VM Server Upgrade AMD or Intel?

I’m looking to upgrade my home 2U 8 core AMD ESXI rig to a 6U 16-20 core AMD or Intel based server.

AMD 2950x Threadripper - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/ZMvzdX


Intel 2x E5-2630 - https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GcHYYT

Anyone have success using a bare metal setup with Threadripper? I will be using iSCSI for storage so 10gbit nics are a must.

Well depends on the workloads you’re going to put the system through. I don’t think going dual socket makes any sense since you could even get for the same price a 2970WX with 4 more cores (not counting the higher clockspeed). Also managing efficiently a dual socket system is harder.
In the end just go for the 2950W in my opinion.


Gotta agree on this, also If you are willing to spend $1,200 on 2 cpu’s for the Intel, you could get the 24 core Threadripper for +/- $50. Also, @Reggie I’m curious that you went with 2 sticks of 16GB ? I would be trying to take advantage of Quad channel at that point. But I don’t know your workload


I’d go threadripper every time. More IO, and Threadripper 3 (or 4) may be up to 64 cores, particularly if the rumours are true (and it looks obvious at this point) that Ryzen 3000 will be up to 16 core.

While not in the same ballpark, I’m happy with my 1950x. I use it along with nVida cards to man handle data.

Ok AMD! Any recommendations on a 4U that will hold a 360mm radiator without too much modification?

I was also looking for the answer fo that which one I will choose to upgrade, AMD or the Intel. I have searched it thoroughly but still confused earlier. Now I have understood the thing. I will take the backup of the data in my Gmail account by recover Gmail password which I have lost it already.

I pulled the trigger on a 2950x!! Now looking for a mobo thinking Aorus xtreme because it would be superfluous

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Rosewill L4500 can do it, but you would only be able to screw in the 4 center screws (1 120mm fan’s mounts without drilling holds into the removable midplane)

Additionally, if you plan on running ESXi the Aquantia NICs aren’t supported and no VIB driver file exists, so you’ll need to get a 10g NIC for it

Thanks for the recomendation, that will probably work for my situation.

Good call on the 10Gig NIC issue, I was wondering that myself as I’m not familiar with Aquantia. I think I have an x550 laying around somewhere until Aquantia is supported. I also was thinking about using Proxmox though I don’t know if the same issue will be present (and I’ve never used it).

Unsure on Proxmox as well, but using a a debian/arch distro should be able to install the Aquantia Linux Driver tarball. There’s directions for apt and yum in the readme for it at least.

Though an Intel X540-T2 is $100 on ebay, so do whatcha want :stuck_out_tongue: