Home Thermostat

is there any projects out there for home thermostat or one out there that isn’t controlled by some random company or google? Iv been looking around and cant find anything. Nest and all the others look nice but who knows what they are all doing.

Thanks Everyone.

I bet theres a bunch of Pi ones, even using the little Pi Zero.

Ours is just a plain thermostat though.

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Edit: check Wendells post suggested by Buffy a few posts below...

Hi, there are a few parts to a system like you are talking about; The boiler/AC, the control board for the machine, and a central controller for the house.

I would say have a look around home assistant, which is more of a multi function program running on a pi or something, which takes charge of various proprietary machine controllers, so you can control lights, heat, alarms or whatever centrally.

It plugs/talks several languages for control, so have a look?

There are also a couple of projects mentioned in the Self Hosted podcast, but I’m not sure how often they are specific, as they refer to home automation in a more general way.

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I asked them the same question few months ago, and they told me that this system can work with Google/Amazon/Apple, or independent. You can just ask them for details, they have a good customer support.

You can take a look at @wendell’s thread here, too:

I would love to help wendall but I only know java programming, I could totally work on something but i just feel that someone must have something.

I think Python is easy to learn if you alrady know programming?

Here are a few Pi ones that look pretty simple I think:

There’s tons of different ones, though.

Im looking into them. I hate python.