Home surveillance systems

I am looking at the Amcrest 4108 NVR no PoE for my home surveillance.

Plan is to hook up the NVR to my network switch and then have the cameras connected via ethernet to my network switch.

Links: Amcrest NVR non PoE

IP Camera x4

WD purple 2TB

What do you guys think of this home security setup?


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"Quick Wifi setup" usually means "shit security". A lot of IP cameras have woeful security, where the IP and/or MAC adress is all you need to know in order to view the camera from anywhere. Often times that info is printed on the box so anyone could have taken photos of it in the store.
Plenty of horror stories to be found about people who (either on purpose or by accident) can see someone else's cam feed.


motion is a linux software solution that works very well if you have an old pc laying around.

What other solutions do you recommend ?

first and foremost wireless is the last thing you want to have a potentially life saving system

Wireless is insecure by its nature

you want PoE cameras

yes its ludicrously expensive but this is what I have and has already landed people in jail


Wow, nice setup!!
I need around 4 cameras.
Is PoE really hard to setup?
Do I still get gigabit speeds if i hook up a PoE switch to my gigabit switch?
Some places in my house do not have ethernet and I would like to have the camera located there. How would I setup without having to destroy my walls. Any other alternatives?


I second the motion on PoE cameras. It's a lot easier than running a separate video and power cable. You do have to watch the cable lengths a bit more. Use good quality cable.

Mine is almost plug and play

Hence the price

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Either PoE or wireless

Looks like it might have to be

And yes I drilled holes in my brick house, and my garage

Remember, wireless isn't wireless. You still need power. Might as well suck it up and do it right. PoE is your best bet.

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How do I set it up.
Currently, I have an ethernet switch connecting all my ethernet jacks.
Do I connect the NVR to a PoE switch then to my non-PoE ethernet switch?

Plug in the box to power and a TV/monitor

Install cameras

Plug cameras into box

Box just goes about its merry way, recording anything when it senses motion, you can configure whether you want to take a pic every second like a bank camera if you like

Now if you want external access from the phone app, you will have to connect to your internet

I currently have only one successful attempt at getting a phone to see the cameras, but it good

You can also configure email alerts but I won't go into detail because this post would be a wall o text

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My problem is that I do not want to do any special wiring work. This would require me to demolish walls and run wiring across my house.

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Things you do not want in a security system.
1. Upkeep.
2. Unreliable connection.

The first type of system is a camera that runs off batteries and sends the video only when motion is detected. Requires minumum setup from user but requires replacement of batteries and you send the data wirelessly. Replacing batteries and wireless Obviously is unreliable and both require some level of upkeep, this violates the two things in the system you do not want.

The second system, a camera that gets its power from a 120V source (wall outlet) and sends data wirelessly. This potentially reduces the installation if you are installing a camera near a outlet. If you need to install an outlet your potentially making it difficult and dangerous. Wireless signal might be weak or drop out due to range or network congestion. power cables/transformers need to be high quality so they do not stop working.

The third system, the cameras are connected to an ethernet cable that supplies power and data connection. Safe because your dealing with low voltage wire and unlikely you will burn down your structure. least amount of interference you will have a strong connection. If you do have a problem there are less parts in the system you need to check. This option can save the amount of installation if you do not have outlets/wifi signal where you need the cameras and increase if you do have outlets/wifi signal where you want your cameras. Little to no upkeep. IP cameras running POE can run for years without ever losing signal or power, They are safe, reliable and require little upkeep.

I like system three.


Another linux software package.

Nice write up.
I also want a reliable system like #3.
My solution is to use my existing ethernet outlets that go to my switch and power from the outlet. The nvr would be connected to the switch.
PoE is great, but I don't want to rewire my house.


PoE doesn't need any special cables. As long as your existing cables are cat5 or better (they need all 8 wires) it will work.