Home Server Cabling/Extending - Some Help, Please

Hi there, I would like to say thanks in advance for reading this.

So... I am planning to make a server in a different room. I plan to have one of the units to be my gaming PC. I want to run as few as cables as possible. I know you can extend a USB devices through one cable via a hub. But I would also like to do the same thing for my display from my GPU. I heard you can do this with thunderbolt, I have tried some searching, but no luck. With newer devices using thunderbolt via USB C; I was wondering what device(s) would I need to get one (maybe two) display(s) and three to six USBs (maybe ethernet too).

(I don't want my room to look like this, lol)

Update 2/4: This is going to be more of a blog style post with updates every so often.

lain is a good anime I wouldn't mind my room looking like that lol.

They make wireless everything for every cable you want to extend , gpu/usb/sound ect....

how far away will it be? and how will you be connecting it.

Anywhere between 25 and 100 feet (~8-30 meters). Thinking about Thunderbolt (some variation, not sure yet). If my idea works, I should have only one cable across the area.

I know I could do a wireless solution, but I don't want the latency with it. If stuff doesn't go the way I want I may do most wireless with one wire for the display.

What display connection will you use? (VGA, DVI, etc.)

The difference between 10, 15, or 30 meters makes a really big difference in the price and options available. Could you measure and narrow down the range?

Do some research on THESE and THESE.

It can get expensive, but how bad do you want it?

Display Port

Well the shortest distance I can pull off is 8m, I kinda want to proof it for 30m as well. Depends on cost, I may have to rethink things.

Those are pretty cool! I didn't find those before, thanks.