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Home Server Build

Any recommendations for a home server case? I am looking to have enough for:
#1 6-8 hard drivees
#2 DVD Burner
#3 Dual GPU

Looking at right now:
istarusa case
Fractal’s new Define 7 XL

Sounds like some of those 4u systems from istar might be good.

Somewhat rare to find 5.25 slots these days.

Do you have any experience with the iStar brand or any other 4u system?

Define 6 or 7 with some extra drive sleds will save some floor space. No complaints here using the 6.

@Zavar how is the cooling inside the 6?

Don’t have experience running multiple GPUs in it, but my HBA card and passive GPU run pretty cool. Decent airflow for something with so much sound dampening.

Are you wanting rack mount?

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This is the biggest concern, I would say.

Are you looking to mount this in a rack, or floor-standing?

@Adubs @SgtAwesomesauce Don’t really care just looking for a good case with space. That is easy to replace parts as I tinker.

Well, either case will do a good job. I think that dual-gpu will do fine in the define, but you’ll have potential concerns if you want more than just 2 gpus. (IE: 2 gpu and a sata HBA)

You can make a lack rack for $20, so don’t feel like you can’t rackmount a case.

If I were you, I’d probably go rackmount.

It’s out of stock right now but I love my little rosewill rsv l4412

The hot swap bays support sata and sas.

4U so plenty of room.

They were in stock not that long ago so I suspect they may be again soon, assuming you can wait.

If not then :man_shrugging:


Only shortcoming is no 5.25 bay, though, that could be accomplished with USB. (that’s how I do my disk-based stuff)

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Just pull one section of hot swap and now you have 3x 5.25" bays.


oh, are those just 5.25 → 3.5? Didn’t even see that. That’s an awesome case!


If one didn’t care about hotswap at all they have roughly the same thing in a similar form factor.

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Thanks let me look at the Rosewill. I assume you don’t have any issues with cooling?

Not at all. You are a little limited on cpu cooler selection with this. I think the max cooler height is 153mm.

Thanks that’s what’s probably going to kill me. My cooler is 162mm wonder if you remove the cross support if it would clear. I’m surprised the clearance isn’t good because 4U is 178mm

I second this…

I have one and added 3 Icydock modules to give me eight 3.5" hot swap sleds, ten 2.5" hot swap sleds, and one ODD because I live in the past I guess…


nope. the cross support isnt even anywhere near in the way. The motherboard tray, standoffs, motherboard, socket, and CPU make up the difference.

People claim coolers larger that 154mm fitting but I cant see how. Certainly 162 is a smidge too far.

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