Home security vision system learns your every day behavior and sends notification if something is out of place

Home security startup “Cherry Home” uses sound and computer vision to identify members of the family by gait, length of the limbs and voice. It monitors your every day activity and learns your patterns. If something falls out of order it can send customisable reports to your phone.

The idea is to have convinient home security without the need to watch hours of video footage

The setup consists of cameras and processing unit.
Cameras are 165 degree with IR for night vision, motion sensors, accelerometer, compass and an altimeter.

Compute unit is “High end PC”, that talks to the sensors via Wi-fi mesh network. All data is porcessed locally for privacy and faster response. Cherry Home claims It talks to the cloud only when it needs to send an alert to your phone.

A starter pack of two sensors and a processor will be $900. A pack with four sensors will cost $1,200. An eight-pack kit is $1,400

BBC click report
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Backyard keynote?
More techy videos on their Facebook page

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is a resolution specified?

Industrial and security applications this could be excellent.

I’m tempted to bring this up to our security team for secured data centers, plants or airport operations areas.

Unless you have some elderly or otherwise less capable person at home all day, for in home use this is rather dumb.


While the tech. is pretty neat, there are some potential downsides too…

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Extremely cool technology. I look forward to it getting cheap in a year or two.

I think this kind of security lowers the quality of life in every family. Why we can’t have privacy anymore even when home? Why can’t we just trust our family members? Because let’s face it since it’s so easy to access those kind of information (or better they’re delivered easly to you) it becomes a constant spying on everyone in the house. I think the “dumb” security cameras are more than enough to have video evidence and be notified if someone breaks in my house and steals my things. Also all of this control in others life makes paranoid