Home network setup questions

Im trying to setup a new network for my house, its a 4000 sq ft ranch style home. My plan is to pickup 3-4 ubiquity ac accesspoints for great coverage that will pass off from ap to ap. My question is am I okay using a switch to connect them to my modem, or should I stick with a router so it can load balance better. I am open to any suggestions, thanks!

What is the Current Modem/Router do you have?
As most Consumer of them have a built in Switch.

I currently have a motorola surf board modemrouter combo, but its wireless is shit and it dosent have enough ports

So i figured id keep the motorola as just a modem and disable the wireless, then connect a switch to it so i have a ton of ports

Yep, I agree that would probably be your best bet.
Stay simple is all i can say ;)

Yeah i figure that will work okay, as long as switches can load balance the traffic okay, thats what im worried about.

I would advise not plug in both ports on the Unifi as it more hassle that it worth, this also requires a Managed Switch.
The Switch will be fine, the Unifi Software sorts out the Client offloading.
Get a Switch with some PoE ports as Well