Home media server upgrade

Currently my home server is being used mainly for Plex, but also SMB, Deluge, and random other things that I want to tinker with. Unfortunately, my 2TB drive has been filled up in a little over one year, so I'm planning to upgrade the storage to a point where it should last around 4 more years. After much reading, I've settled upon setting up 5x2TB in a RAIDZ array, but this requires me to get ECC RAM and a processor capable of using it. This is bringing me into slightly unfamiliar territory as I'm somewhat familiar with gaming oriented hardware, but I've almost no knowledge of server grade equipment. Through my research I've put this together and I'm bringing it to you guys as a bit of a sanity check for myself before I make such a large purchase.

My current system is:
i5 3330
Some Dell motherboard I had laying around
16GB DDR3 1600 Corsair Vengeance
2TB WD red
120GB Samsung 750

And what I'm planning to upgrade it with:
Supermicro MBD-X9SCA-O $200
Xeon E3-1240 or E3-1230v2 both about $125 off ebay
4x2TB WD red (for a total of 5) $360

Which brings me to a grand total of $765 (before shipping). I'd prefer not to go above this amount, but if I need to spend a couple extra bucks I would be able to. Any insights that you guys might have would be greatly appreciated.

You can shave a bit off the mobo and prob find cheaper ram, CPU thats about what your gonna need if you want xeon.

Do you want an ipmi port?


(145 ish)

It's not a requirement of mine, but I'm sure there's going to be some use case in the next several years.

The price to performance for that processor isn't quite as good as most of the socket 1155 processors I've been looking at.