Home(lab)-made Container Orchestration

A while back, I tried to install k8s on my Gentoo server. As with most things on Gentoo, it didn’t work. I tried Openshift and other orchestration platforms to the same end. Since I couldn’t get any of those working, I decided to make my own.

MDS is dynamically generated, homelab inspired container orchestration platform written in bash. Currently, it supports a dynamically generated encrypted proxy/load balancer and parellelized starting, stopping, removing, and restarting of containers. You can also search and create containers and group them with DB containers and container networks. The inheritance framework allows for the overwriting of default functions on a container specific basis (if one container needs multiple additional co-containers, for example).

Things to do:

  1. Create initialization script for first time users. (this can realistically be done this week)
  2. Handle multiple hosts with keepalived
  3. Handle multiple containers per host (a la k8s deployments).

I’d appreciate any and all comments, issues, and pull requests that you can provide.

Happy Homelabbing!