Home Beta is coming out tommorow

The playstation blog just posted on their blog that Home will come out tommorow December 11. Here is the video: http:[url=http://www.viddler.com/simple/17671819/][/url]

I was already in it :) Pretty cool. I was able to go into the mall and the movies, when you go into the movies you wait for the movie to download and it will play, And the main city thing is just a big square. All they had open was Bowling / Mall / Movies, Bowling has Pool / Arcade and... Bowling, and they had like maybe 6 TVs put together in and outside, and one giant one you can watch from a platform over across a mini lake.

wtf is home basic som other attempt to out preform the xbox yeah right overt my dead body.

You "fanbois" really annoy me, just because they are playing with something new you think it is an attempt to out preform the 360. Why is it you think with each "new" thing they try to do it is an attempt at trying to render your console null and void? you think that a success for them is a killing blow to your already well renown console.

My only guess is that:

1. You are either too young to afford any other console and the only reason you obtained your 360 is x-mas, knowing that your would likely refuse to buy a console that is currently around 400+ USD. This leads to the "fear" that somehow sony will create something so original and fun that it would render your console useless and void or cause you to want the console that you will likely never obtain, any success for the other console is a killing blow to the console you currently have. If the other console has no HUGE successes then you feel safe knowing that you got the best deal and nothing on the other console has or will cause you to want it.

2. You are an adult and can in fact afford the console but will refuse to buy it because for what ever reason have a hate toward Sony and a loving relationship with Microsoft. This needs no further explanation you are just an idiot "fanboi" with no real reason why you should hate the other company or the hardware they sell.

[email protected] GHOST,

So first you say you do not know what Home is, then you judge the game by saying it is "another" attempt to outperform the xbox360. A company trying to outperform their competitor with their product is a good thing. If companies would not do this, we would not have all the technology we are using right now, competition is a good thing. And try to think about what you write and punctuate your sentences before you send your post, so I do not have to write this whole thing. I'm a really slow typer....

You know why they call it the Xbox 360?

Because it fucking sucks.

I agree with rice, its a very unstable console from what i've seen and heard... which is part of the reason i didn't get it, though they do have some "decent" exclusives there are really none that interest me. Halo 1 was good but when halo 2 came out i couldnt even finish the campaign (tbh it was boring), of course then i never really played multiplayer so i cant say how good that was, the only real "multiplayer" i played was among friends. Halo 3 really doesn't interest me that much and gears of war is pretty cool looking but "meh" tbh, there's just too much grey and i could see it getting very monotonous very fast.

The main reason i got a ps3 too be honest was the promise of future JRPGs and such, while i knew that the 360 would gear toward more FPS, and why the hell would i want to play an FPS on console when i have a perfectly capable computer i could use to run the latest and greatest fps games with better control over shooting?

Logical reasoning pointed me toward ps3.

More stable console + promise of JRPG games in future + built in MANDATORY (for me atleast) wifi adapter + blue ray player = teh win

With 360 you must buy a 100USD wifi-adapter separately as well as pay 50 USD a year for internet access to live. While 50 USD a year isn't that much, it is still there and still adds up and in the end it cost me much more then the PS3 did.

pfft, only reason why i bought the xbox 360 was because it was cheaper. i still might get a ps3 sometime in '09 for the bluray player, other than that i really could care less about the console wars. pc is where the love is at.

Never understood the point of home, it's really never made sense to me, it's a really pointless piece of software, i wont go into any ranting and raving about it.

But this isn't a "tool" to outdo Microsoft's console, if by some possible chance it is, it wont tip the scales in sony's favor it's going to take a lot more than a virtual world with some dancing in front of water fountains to help sell the units.

It by no means has the "end" of 360 written all over it.

Actually the whole point of home is -- You guessed it; Advertising. It's pretty much like... Put it this way, PSN is free, right? Well, Home will be free, and it will be mainly for taking other companies money to have sony put their ads into home, instead of pasting them all over our different games. Home is also destined to be actually the PS3s new home, instead of the current XMB. All it is is like making your dashboard into a virtual 3D World, for marketing. Sony needs to make some more money off of PS3 somehow since their awesome online service is free. I don't see how this would even threaten the 360 in ANY way.

lol xbox 360 fans talk about new (wasn't home old? like old old, since 2006 its been in the works =/)

the redesigned xbox 360 theme and characters is just its exact oppositions designs, put together

blatantly =/ with the wii's mii's on the microsoft's wii not mii's no mii...ore?

but yea home is for the ps3's avatar's