Holy poop - saphire r9 280x toxic rocks


Saphire toxic 280x


So close to the 780 at  high res / quality 


and oc'ing the vram up to 7ghz makes it even closer to the 780 so price / performance wise it makes the 780 seem redundant?

Or am I missing something?

Hmm.. I'm not so sure. The 7970 comes close to the 780 in some games. But the 780 can have a pretty big performance advantage in other games, reflected in these benchmarks, where there can be a different of around 10FPS. So nothing unusual there.

I have to say, their average FPS for Rome 2 at 1440p seems awfully low.

It does mean these cards have a great price/performance, I have to agree.

Nvidia is so far behind AMD in  every aspect of GPU architecture except production costs. AMD is the best solution, and has been for the past 2 gens, and will continue to be for at least a few more.

The last time AMD completely smoked nvidia was with hd 4850/70. They've lost the dx11 crown early on (hd 5800) but they're gaining speed now.

You're paying app. double for twice less transistor count and cores and bandwidth with nVidia, who happen to be corporatist monopolistic bastards that thought having more factories instead of actually developing something original is good, that quantity>quality (typical consumerist mindset), got loads of money early on with the demise of 3dfx and pay game companies to make their cards seem when really they aren't. After so many years they still have problems with linux, and are starting to lose share even on mobiles, a segment where AMD didn't even compete really.

All this and I'm still not sold on AMD. I'll patiently wait till I'm convinced. 

Here's the truth. 


You spent $70 to much for a 7970, and GTX 780 is still the better video card.

R9 290x will beat the 780, and maybe the titian. IMO the Asus ROG Aeries II will still be the top card.

WOW! Am i glad i waited for AMD GPUs :D

cant wait for this to be released...my next card without a doubt!


Check this review out!!! >>HERE<< 


Monster Overclocked!

noooooooo...sold out and its actually $360!!!


is it really worth the $60 Premium??


might as well go with the HIS option


If i were you i would wait for the benchmarks for ipower IceQ X2


the toxic is realy a nice badass looking card. i saw  him yesterday on alternate, im in kinda love with it ☺

2 of those in CF would be very sweet looking

lol i have the 7950 iceq x2 ...i know what its capable of. both the iceq and toxic would trade blows with the toxic edging of by a few frames 2-3.


the reason the toxic is so compelling is its SEXY features. 

Over the top high end components.

Excelent build quality.

Beautiful astetics.

Cool led lights, nice color combo (perfect for my z77 oc formula, n my crucial belestic orange)

Not to mention the 780 gets swallowed and spit out by its performance.


so why not spent the extra $$ for the premium

although here in the us newegg is adding a 10 on to the retail. and amazon is on dot with price. just got to wait for final releasecof this monster.


sapphire 280x vs gigabyte windforce 280x? sapphire is 300 euro and gigabyte is 270 euro.

gigabyte is voltage locked..so no



or msi if you must

His is the best option for price to performance and quality

sapphire has cheep options that do well..also their toxic is the over the top of the bunch

msi is....marketing garbage. get them if you want

Screw the R9-280X Get a R9-290X or two and be done with graphics cards for the next 5 years at 2560x1440 resolution gaming.

Probably a good deal longer if the whole mantle thing takes off. I mean if it does people will probably be able to sit on their 7970s and 7950s for another five years and have a good gaming experience. Which would be pretty sweet in a way.

R9-290X is processing power comparable to a GTX Titan with almost half the cost. Why not replace your 7970/7950s with one or a pair of R9-290Xs that will have more relevance in the gaming world 4-5 years from now? With Moore's law starting to creep up on GPUs, larger GPU dies with the same manufacturing process as a previous generation may become more common. You can squeeze out more performance from the product while being able to refine details like smaller power consumption and faster computational performance from the same architecture.


I am pretty sure I was agreeing with you that the 290 and 290x are probably going to offer a lot of value in terms of longevity...