Holy Crap: Intel i7 8c/16T For Way Less Than $1000!

It's actually competitive. Thanks AMD!


The 7820X looks like a direct competitor for the 1800X from AMD to me and it's not a bad deal. You get a higher boost clock and 8 more PCIe lanes (at the cost of a higher TDP) for $100 more.

But I am still curious to see how AMD's "Threadripper" will be priced. If they make it double the price for double the cores, that would put it around $1000 which compared to Intel would give you 6 extra cores for the same price. :smiley:


Hmm... 11 megs L3 and 140W TDP. And if we take the R7 1700 with OC into account, Intel still looks roughly twice as expensive.

But yes, competition makes prices go down. Who would have thought.
Let's hope this war continues for a while. Probably the last hoorah for x86 anyway.


They can always put out a non-X version

Sure, I don't think they will (and so far it doesn't look like it) but as mentioned I am all for competition.
Still, less L3 and let's wait for pricing on the boards. :wink:

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I think they will put out a non-X version given that fact that they have an i5 on an enthusiast platform which never happened before. If AMD gets aggressive with their Ryzen 7 discount prices, I think non-X is a given, it's just a matter of when.

About the cache, Steve said they reduced L3 cached in favor of more L1 & L2 reducing cache misses and improve overall latency. This is a weak point with the Ryzen being that its cache is separated by an infinity fabric which in of itself has latency issues too.

OK, would be a very "not Intel" move and so far not even rumors suggest such a thing. Anyway, the I9s will happen, Threadripper will happen, Ryzen is already here. So for now let's talk about those. :wink:

Ah, missed that. OK, we will see how that turns out in performance.
Yeah, the infinity fabric can be a factor in badly written software (so basically most current or older games).

Amazing what true competition in the marketplace does, not only does it drive pricing but also brings innovation or at least brings items to market that maybe would have been months or years away from the consumers hands. The interesting thing to me is that the "Core / Thread Wars" have started (between AMD and Intel) which will drive even more competition on the software development side to actually use all those core/threads, in this case the consumers will win and software will move beyond the two cores is enough stage finally.

The secret nobody's talking about:

The 78xx and up X series chips are secretly Xeons underneath with some missing pieces.

Intel rushed these out pretty fast using existing silicon designs and fabs and the High TDP shows it.
The next itteration from Intel will be much stronger.


Nothing new there. This was always true.

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28 lanes on 8C/16T ayy lmao.

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Looks to me like the pricing isn't much better; rather, there's just more options now. To get 40+ pcie lanes and 13.75MB of cache, it's still 1k. ...13.75MB?

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I think we're experiencing a stereotype swap here. now Intel is the one who runs fast and hot here.

I'm enjoying the comeback of AMD quite a lot. This is basically everything we could have asked for.


I really hope that they will sell a lot of CPUs this year, so they can build a budget for their counterpart to Intel's next generation which will most likely not be just recycled Xeons.

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This is a good thing. Intel probably wouldn't have released these chips if it weren't for AMD's new cpus. Competition baby! Intel still wants a monopoly though. But who doesn't. If AMD was switched with Intel same thing would be happening.

What I don't get is they are releasing a i5 extreme edition with 4 cores 4threads. I just don't get that.

What's the difference between a normal i5 and the X version?

I think it is clocked slightly higher out of the box. Maybe? But if they do a non-x variant of the i5 I am buying into it. I need a 4k streaming pc. For netflix that is.

Wait, hold on. So the 7800X supports DDR4 2400. While the 7820 and 7900 support DDR4 2600? How does that work?

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I noticed that as well. It's a very odd spec difference, although the stock memory speed doesn't mean much since the memory controller will undoubtedly overclock well. Every intel DDR4 memory controller has been able to overclock far past the 'stock supported' speed, and there's no indication this one will be any different.

Yeah very interesting price point on the 7820X.
The only thing i dislike is the cut down on pci-e lanes on this particular sku.
Thats a bit meh for the price.
But i can see intel's marketing standpoint for that.